The Violinist of our Hearts.



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You can find him from the classical halls playing Bach , Mozart , Paganini but also in Huge Stadiums and Theaters playing crossover.

He is David Garrett. The awesome young guy with great musical talent and proffesionist .

With the long hair and dark killer eyes.

The most hot man alive in music buissiness.

The women says that and they are so right.

He is adorable and sexy with a magical way to play the violin…

A Dream that comes alive if you can watch him live in his concerts…

Sold out Arenas , sold out tickets , ”broken hearts”,,,,,,,,,,,,

With his new film ”Paganini the Devil’s fiddler ” the women are going to be more excited

because David , giving all his best acting doing ”Nicolo Paganini” and kick ass playing music in the biiiiiiiiiiig   screen for 2 hrs…

The original soubdtrack it’s perfect,flawless.



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