Last night i realised that indeed everything happens for a reason.

Now i know the answers i was looking for.

Although my music backround is rock genre , i never had memories of these years..I just remember my mom having her favorites records Pink Floyd and some Opera stuff. Interesting. Back then i didn’t see it that way.

Anyway the point is that i started my music journey listening everything but Rock & Metal this period…1988-92 I was into pop music , boy bands , like NKOTB and Take That…Yeah .

BUT that time both bands was  awesome ! Later in 92,3„4,5

I was again in POP but British„„East17 band….more mainstream music like Haddaway,LaBuche,2Unlimited,Dr.Alban,KLF, Snap and 90\s treasures….and going on clubs and discos was so excited…\

1997/99….Study in a school for Buissiness Tourism &Office stuff

I was excaktly into the oppossite musical direction of the past years…Greek music. Greek singers that was so into fashion

that now i recall my music tastes sometimes was not so bad…

( But human tastes and mind changes through years)

After 1 year almost , i met a good guy sitting next to me and he was into rock and metal for years…leather jackets and long hair , metal pins, ripped jeans and the whole metalhead package.\m/

He copy for me a tape( TDK 60 ) with his favorite tunes i should hear and learn about the qiuckest the better ! ( y ) He Couldn’t stand a moment a different music that his music….he always made fun of my music selections but he did well….i never regret  that i listened to his tape…It was my first contact with Rock Music in general BUT it made me  what iam today…\


From Pink Floyd , GNR  , Metallica, Queen, into Aggaloch, Insomnium,In Flames, Rotting Christ,Firewind etc….

———> I wanna share my love and respect to the only bands that made me  feel that i belong somewhere in metal family.

2002-2012…— METALLICA FAMILY =This Band was my 1st i ever loved,adored,felt good,laughed,cried,saw LIVE -2007- and got into this world deep….-KH for making me LOVE GUITAR and SHREDDING ….JH for making me know the LEADER , L.U for making me see the appreciation and respect in fans , and Cliff Burton for making us see that if you are star you  never die…


2012-2014—-FIREWIND FAMILY—= This Band….what can i say for this boys.!!! I could easily  cry but i  won’t.

First of all i have to say that they are GREEKS. HELL  YEAH

So only from that you understand my love …But it was my first really attempt to meet them in person ( Ok not all of them , but i have meet the 2 basic members

—-> GUS G : The HEAD , LEADER….Guitarist ❤ Only my heart can

actually say what really happens with Gus. 

The  title “Karmic” fits here…Somewhere back in 2006 i was in my room

watching TV-WAR ( Metal Music Show ) and i heard 4 the first time 

the piece “Falling to Pieces”. That’s it. A lightning strike was into my veins…this melody NEVER came out of my head and some weeks later i was searching into Google & YTube 4 more infos..

But as i was so enthusiastic in this genre , easily i had found another tune to occupie my mind….

Karma never forgets you!

Indeed….2008 i made my fb page..some years later after i moved into my own house 4 some years i heard again the known melody…as  i had forgot since that time BUT in reality i only wanted a refresh in my memory !!!

OK i didn’t wait longer…the Karma is here and i must see it.

Firewind band was my  next big love and the Allegiance album was already on my mp3.

“The Premonition”

The Fever,the almost heart attack and the guitar solos

Heres come the moment that you wanna see this band LIVE and you want it NOW!!

Yeah if you ever listen to Firewind you are going to be obsessed with the flawless solos, sound , drumsticks,absolutely awesome keys and synth melodies/solos of Mr.BOB Katsionis ( !! ) 


The Dreams shouting ” You are going to meet them”

i’m very lucky that i met this band  already 3 times…Actually i knew it before because i had my dream guide for it…Like a vision , a prophecy.BUT I knew it’s  going to happen. 3 signs and 3 concerts.


Keep  the Contact

Most of the bands have their own way to communicate with fans..

OK Firewind having also a great, the greatest way to contact with  us….via twitter and fb ,but the great is that they reply you the very same person and not some agent 

Meet and  Greet is THE experience 

So cool  and friendly with fans and all 

Gus aND Bob are the No1 in telling funny  stories and making us feel like you know each other for  years..

Photos and signed merch

All  good  stuff is here….Posters and set lists signed by the band

Tickets and cd’s and let’s go again…Pics and warm hugs with huge smiles and RESPECT …

Can’t  wait to see you again guys…

See ya soon ( y ) 


IT WILL LEAD YOU in better places ❤

And after all these into David Garrett…..

“Master of Puppets” Live in Berlin was my very first DG video and contact with his music..Speechless and drooling and awesomeness

Nothing Else Matters was my 2nd….I keep on drooling and couldn’t believe in my eyes during all Berlin Show…

It was my instant love and music turn for once more…



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